Interview: Luka Sabbat Talks Vogue, Style, Modeling & More

by on October 29, 2014

Luka Sabbat may be of few words, but the young man has quickly become a household name amongst streetwear circles through his appearances in Alife and Wil Fry lookbooks, and even editorials in Vogue. Sabbat is a quintessential representative of fashion and popular culture’s incoming generation and is extending his influence by impacting the Internet’s unbarred potential to connect with others. In an exclusive interview with ILS, Luka Sabbat reminisces on his year of success, contemporaries, and bright future.

“Creativity is not an expertise, but it is something everyone should know how to use.”


ILS: How has the last year been for you?

Luka: “It’s been insane, so much is happening in such a little amount of time that I’m currently lost in my own world.”

You’ve set some very high goals for yourself but did you think you would accomplish them so quickly?
“I never thought I would be in vogue twice at 16, especially in a space of less than six months.”

On the topic of significant accolades, how was it to do an editorial for Vogue? How proud were your parents of this accomplishment?

“They were pleasantly surprised and very proud, but they don’t want me to have my head gassed; there is more to life. they want me to do more, as I should, and use my success to make more success instead of being stuck after a huge accomplishment.”

You’ve landed on Vogue, modeled for many of streetwear’s giants and you’re still in high school. What’s next for you? Aren’t you supposed to be leaving the country for college?

“Yes. I plan on going to either Belgium or London by the end of 2015.”

Modeling has taken you many places thus far, but it seems like design is something you’re really interested in. When can we expect clothing creations from you?

“Yes, I am working on my first ready to wear line called Killme. Some great collabs are on the way, too.”

With so many different skills that can be applied in different categories, what do you think is your most coveted expertise?

“Creativity is not an expertise, but it is something everyone should know how to use.”

What makes you the “next style icon”?

“I dress upon my moods and my style switches all the time. I like to inspire and help the kids of the Internet how to dress, and I come up with really cool outfits [haha]. But really, a lot of people say they appreciate my style. I first called myself that as a joke, it was sarcastic, but people took it seriously, and believed me. I turned a foolery into reality.”

With 2014 almost wrapped up, can we expect a spectacular ending to a year that has already been incredible to you?

“Many to come, but a lot of them are a surprise.”

What’s your relationship with kids such as Ian Connor and the other SoHo ‘it’ kids? Earlier this year, it almost seemed as if you and Ian would no longer be friends, what salvaged the friendship?

“Ian Connor is not a SoHo kid, he is a worldwide adult. Ian and I have known each other for about two years. Earlier this year, I was a lost kid in the midst of a lot of weird things, but we weren’t not friends,
we were just doing our own things. But in other news, all the other kids like Asspizza, Mike the Ruler, Father Steve, Jonah Levine and Gianni Mora in LA, we’re all a big group of friends. I have beef with no one.”

With the following you have, how important is inspiring others and setting a proper example for the people who look up to you?

“Very important, which is why i always spread positivity and peace. There’s too many bad influences on this whole youth thing. Everyone thinks sad is cool; this whole youth movement is depressing. I just want to promote the right things. My generation is the future.”

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