We Re-Lived The 90s At The 2014 Global Spin Awards

by on November 20, 2014

The Global Spin Awards have been defined as “the Grammys for DJs.” It’s an over-the-top nostalgic melee of industry tycoons and celebrities who celebrate culture-changing DJs of our past and future. Sponsored by Revolt TV and Ciroc, the event was a reunion of DJs who could once be found in clubs like the ever popular Tunnel night club in NYC. Hosted by La La Anthony, the night brought in guests like Sean Combs, Funkmaster Flex, Swizz Beatz, Jermaine Dupree, DJ Khaled and more.

It’s one thing to be born in the 90s and to see the edifice of hip-hop culture being built in magazines and on TV, but it’s another thing to see it in front of you, being replayed without skipping a beat. It was like we time warped to the old NYC, where the parties were extravagant and individuals we consider to be kings of hip-hop were so accessible.

Puff walked in and immediately captivated the room, reacquainting himself with old friends like Jermaine Dupree and DJ Enuff. The chemistry was enthralling–– like a “started from the bottom and now we’re here” moment. They were kids at the time, not knowing they were setting a precedent for hip-hop culture as we know it today.

The night started with a set from Araabmuzik and classically ended with a performance by Rakim with stories of the Ghetto-fabulous 90s being intertwined throughout the show. Puff congratulated Shawn Prez and boldly stated, “DJs saved my life. I thought I was going to be playing for the Pittsburg Stealers. You couldn’t have told me nothing!” Funkmaster Flex, who won the “Lifetime Achievement Award,”  gave a special nod to Jessica Rosenblum––the promotor who is noted for giving Puff and Flex their first opportunities in nightlife. Flex recalled, “I was annoying. I would annoy Puff [about playing at their clubs].”

Despite the chaos of tickets, doors, breaks in character from the prompter and everything else that could go wrong with production, Shawn Prez, the creator of the Global Spin Awards, took to the mic laughing at himself promising, “we’ll get it right.”

From DJ Red Alert to Austin Millz, the torches were passed, with the big award winner of the night being super producer and DJ, DJ Mustard, who won “DJ of the Year.” The full list of winners can be found here.

[Photos via GlobalSpinAwards and ILS]

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Sean Combs and DJ Infamous