‘Counter Culture: The Curse of Online Status’ A Documentary by Hamish Stephenson

by on December 26, 2014

A year in the making, “Counter Culture: The Curse of Online Status” is a documentary by UK director, Hamish Stephenson. It divulges into the very crux of millennial culture: social media politics. It’s begins with social media personality Mike The Ruler asking the mind-numbing question we’ve all asked ourselves “Why does your phone die ever time?” in the heart of SoHo. In a series of interviews, the documentary explores the unofficial caste system of social media––where followers and “likes” dictate social standing and thus societal value.

There’s a sense of immediacy and urgency resonating in this documentary, showing us how we consume data at an addicting rate. Two years ago, the Guardian explained how Twitter is more addicting than cigarettes or alcohol and the reason is accessibility. We’re transparent now more than ever, checking our social channels before leaving our beds and right before going to sleep. It gives us our bearings in the competitive social landscape.

Perhaps it’s less counter culture as it is “culture.” Money, status, class–– “flexing” classifies the precedented and current human race. We use likes and followers as a measurement. Instagram becomes our resume and Twitter becomes our writing sample. All the while, we’re in dire fear of being someone’s Catfish.

Check out Hamish’s documentary above.