Project Cobalt Brings Craft Back to Street-Wear

by on April 21, 2015

I fully admit to being friends with people that “do” fashion. They sell one marketable shirt and suddenly “designer” is slapped across their Instagram bio like it’s a status symbol. The phrase”sold out” means a lot, but not when there were five items to begin with. On the quest to change that mis-representation of street-wear since last November, Project Cobalt’s Craft Class team finally debuted its first SS15 collection at the Reed Space in NYC, owned by Jeff Staple and Staple Design.

The class is made up of five designers, two of whom are ILS veterans (Olu and Ed of Street Level Culture). These budding designers partnered with seasoned veterans including Street Etiquette and Pintrill to create a fresh collection that epitomizes contemporary New York in a capsule collection. The ultimate battle in a city of dust, grime and perspiration is to find those season-lasting basics. The PC SS15 collection aims to break down the fundamentals, while delivering a quality, utilitarian product in the form of graphic tees, soccer shorts and zipper tees.

For two years, I’ve watched Olu and Ed hustling to this point of exaltation. Releasing this Brooklyn-spring-inspired collection that graduated them from apprentices. Project Cobalt doesn’t seek to replace the institution of stream-lined fashion-design education, but to provide an alternative: an experiential approach with direct involvement. Project Cobalt is set to release more collaborative art, film and tech projects.

Shop the collection online or in-store at Reed Space (until April 22).

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