Streaks of “Coolor” from Jerico Santander

by on June 17, 2015

Jerico Santander, a digital illustrator from Spain, has created an interesting project in the form of “Coolor”.

The series features four objects – a heart, mushroom, grenade, and skull – all beautifully rendered in 3D. The colors, of course, are the emphasis with each object acting only as a canvas for the rainbow-like streaks. For the heart and mushroom, it seems right at home. The other two objects, however, create a juxtaposition between the color and their internal natures. The splashes of quirk seem to defuse the situations we associate with them. A grenade no longer seems deadly and a skull doesn’t remind us of death. It’s better understood by simply viewing the images of Coolor for yourself.

Take a look below, and check out the rest of Jerico Santander’s portfolio on Behance.

coolor2 coolor3 coolor4