Talent Focus: @Ichmiles

by on June 18, 2015

Although nothing screams entertainment quite like scrolling through your Instagram feed late at night, gazing at the same old redundant memes, breakups, makeups and even that consistent angst-infested quote that your friends use in order to seem “fake deep,” let’s face it. Enough is enough. As much as you love your friends, spicing up your feed with new followers is a refreshing and perfectly normal change. One user on the photo-sharing social network that brings a refreshing perspective and should make their way into everyone’s follow list, is photographer and graphic design artist, @ichmiles.

Exploring through his page one could only but expect to get lost in the midst of spacey, ethereal vibes that he captures through the stars, mountainous scenery, river banks and architecture. With occasional macro shots and first person point-of-view photography, you’re instantly transported to his location seeing exactly what it is that he sees in that moment. But perhaps, what makes this fellow Instagram user such a stand out artist with his work, is the fact that every photo he posts is taken by an everyday camera phone. You read that correctly. All with his LG G3, @ichmiles goes above and beyond with a gifted eye for perspective, lighting and emotion with the use of an Android.

Keeping consistent with his use of minimalist tools, @ichmiles’ editing software may also come to a surprise for many. Using easy-accessible apps like SnapseedVSCO Cam and of course Adobe Photoshop, Ichmiles self-taught nature and drive for constant improvement clearly shows that expensive equipment and excessive amounts of money doesn’t produce quality but rather hard work, passion and drive.

Like what you see? Check out some of his work below and be sure to follow him via his official Instagram and Twitter today.

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