ILS Staff: Best of the Week (July 20th-26th, 2015)

by on July 28, 2015

Here’s what’s been frequenting our playlists over the week.

Kadeem Fletcher: Remy Boyz – Bahamaz

“It’s almost as if Fetty Wap can’t miss. Since he came in the game, he’s been untouchable with the hits and everything he touches, turns to gold. I’m glad that he’s staying true to himself and his team and he’s brought them along for the ride that his new stardom has provided.”

Holden Powell: Bunji Garlin Carnival Tabanca (MeLoX GodMix)

“Though Bunji Garlin’s original Carinval Tabanca expressed the upbeat jubilee and excitement brought through Trinidadian Carnival, the terminology of Tabanca represents anything but. As part of Trinidadian colloquialism, Tabanca represents the depressed state and feeling of sadness when separated from one’s love. MeLo-X captures the true feelings of melancholy in a remix that produces a smooth and interesting take on the term Tabanca as the once bouncing Soca song is unraveled and emphasized as Garlin’s lyrics display a juxtaposition between the happiness of Carnival and being alone.”

Milca Pierre: Janet Jackson ft. J. Cole No Sleep

“I first became addicted to this song in its original form after hearing it played during BET’s tribute to Janet. I couldn’t help but think of how it’s the perfect demonstration of Janet Jackson’s immortality. Her sensual sound has transcended all musical eras since her debut, and this track just continues to exhibit that. Typically, when seasoned veterans bring in a younger artist on a song, it makes for a pairing that’s awkward to listen to. But, J. Cole’s perspective gives the song something that we didn’t even know was missing.”

Keegan Boisson: Alessia Cara - Here

“This song is a surprising crew anthem. Alessia croons lightly raspy, Amy-esque vocals on an extremely pop beat that is mesmerizing both with her talented voice and the message she’s giving. She hates going to stupid parties and rather plot world domination with her friends and I’m all the way with that.”

Jack Squires: White Reaper – Friday the 13th

“By far my favorite track off their first album, White Reaper does it Again. White Reaper has that ironic, old-school rock sound that I would best describe as a mix between The Drifters and The Beach Boys. Although Friday the 13th is the black sheep song on the album – being the only one in the minor key – it stands out among its brethren with an addicting, ghost-story-from-a-summer-camp-from-an-80s-horror-movie sound that I can’t get enough of.”

Tyler Kennedy: Golden Features – Do You? 

“If you like dark ominous dance music then it’s impossible for you not to like this track by Golden Features. Taken from his new XXIV EP, Do You? is what I imagine the love baby of Disclosure and Gessafelstein to sound like, but Golden Features proves he’s in his own realm by manipulating his sound through dynamic ranges of mellowness, tension and uncontrollable head bobbing.”