Friday Flashback (8/7/2015): Here We Are

by on August 7, 2015

Every once in a while, you hear a piece of music that makes you look at things differently – whether it’s an album, a song, or a new artist. While rare, they do come around every once in a while. The music that changes your life.

For me, I still think the most important album I’ve ever listened to is Mars Water’s first album, Here We Are – which came out four years ago in 2011. I first heard the album at a very crucial time in my life, and I almost like to believe that it was fated for me to come across it at a time. Apart from any superficial appeal to this album, it’s simply one of those pieces of music that hits you. There’s just something transcendental about it.

Mars Water is the solo project of Portland, Oregon-based, Ponny Kosmas. What began as a hobby of recording music for himself and his friends became the band that Mars Water is today.

The album itself mixes sounds of shoe-gaze, surf rock, and bits-and-pieces of indie music that you’ve definitely heard before. What sets the music apart from any other attempt at dreamy, indie-rock is the indecipherable wave that seems to run through each note. There’s something going on under each rolling seventh chord and each simple, surf riff. What it is, I still can’t say, it’s something you have to feel. Breaking down the entirety of Here We Are would be a waste of time – it’s something you have to listen to if you want to experience it. However, if there’s one song that best highlights the intrinsic value of the project, it’s Where the Sun Sets. The main riff is only four notes, yet it manages to hang in the air like an eclipse. There’s something going on in the song that you can’t explain.