ILS Staff: Best of the Week (8.10.15 – 8.16.15)

by on August 16, 2015

Here’s a breakdown of what’s been demanding repeats for us at ILS Music as of late, along with a playlist so you can jam along.

Kadeem Fletcher: 2 ChainzBFF

2 Chainz returns with his latest mixtape, Trap-A-Velli Tre’, filled with a handful of bangers. I’ll always love 2 Chainz for the theatrical rap songs he provides on the yearly basis. This one is another one to add to my list of favorite songs from Tity Boi.

Holden Powell: Less Than JakeThe Science of Selling Yourself Short

I can’t deny it, I’m a guy of nostalgia and nothing screams nostalgia quite like my middle school days of obsession with Ska-punk. Less Than Jake, man these guys no matter the time of day can always put me in a good mood. When I first heard All My Best Friends Are Metalheads at seven years old I knew this was a music relationship meant to last a lifetime. The Science of Selling Yourself Short is such a sick concept when you are able to truly break it down. The beat and mood is so light hearted and mellow (as expected with their reggae and pop punk influence) but the lyrics are speaking on real shit that you wouldn’t expect to get when you were only a kid. “I’m my own worst enemy,” the very realization when it’s 3am on a school night and you’re contemplating on your successes and failures. It’s a great anthem to make you understand that you aren’t so alone in your crappy moments, and, that you know what, it’s okay to feel this way but shit will only get better when you pick yourself up and appreciate life for what it is. Less Than Jake, these guys are heroes.

Keegan Boisson: Nado – Hennessy Fountain

This song was released by one of my favorite upcoming musicians and it hasn’t stopped growing on me. It shares a deeply personal story that is a bit unnerving until you are soothed by the brilliant hook. Reminiscent of older Odd Future, I feel as though I was there while he wrote it.

Milca PierreMAAD*Moiselle – Sweet & Low

A true renaissance woman, Maad*Moiselle has always taken an approach drenched in the charisma of the seventies in all her endeavors, be it singing or modeling by day or selecting tracks as a DJ by night. Earlier this week, she released her latest single Sweet & Low, and I haven’t been able to get enough of it. Produced by The Vamp, MAAD’s refreshingly airy vocals glide over a hypnotizing synth track that certainly proves to be heavy on the bottom end. While still reminiscent of the artist’s preferred decade, the sound provides a fresh mixture that cements its relevancy in today’s speakers.

Conor Johnson: Tory LanezN.I.N.A

“There’s no doubt that Tory Lanez isn’t the most lyrically capable on the scene however that doesn’t stop him from pushing out multiple unorthodox songs and catchy hooks. The production on this song is unique and creative with Tory’s flow to match. The untypical vocals create an awesome eerie vibe that is hard to come by. This song embodies a definite trap-based influence, the only difference is that the classic Tory Lanez melodic vocals are on top of a massive Baauer beat.”

Jack Squires: Jeff the BrotherhoodCoat Check Girl

I recently discovered Jeff the Brotherhood in the midst of trying to fix my lawnmower on a humid morning down here in the swamplands. The rock duo out of Nashville, Tennessee makes music that’s so eclectic in its nature that it would be almost unfair to label them as anything other than just good, old ROCK music. Their latest album, Wasted on the Dream, released a few months ago on March 24th.