Digital Madrid 3 Boasts its Greatest Cast Yet

by on August 24, 2015

Summer 2015 has been one of a steadily building wave for ILS and those following it know that all the momentum is going to hit and that hit, Digital Madrid 3, will leave nothing but awe in its wake. DM3 is an online platform that provides a gallery for some of the most talented young graphic artists, illustrators and photographers currently, aggressively making a name for themselves and the seismic event features an excitingly boastful roster. With full sets from an entourage of interestingly unique artists that show off supreme skill and finesse, including Clayborne Bujorian, DaRaun Crawford, CIESAY of Places+Faces, Vuhlandes, Dead Dilly, Kacey Kal, Toure Ali, and many others have been secretly busy all year, keeping their respective sets private to be revealed exclusively for Digital Madrid 3.

There is a strong and definite sense of importance surrounding everything leading up to the upcoming reveal. Those involved anticipate extra significance in this fourth installment of the series after successively pulling of DMs 1, 1.5, and 2 in 2014 and it shows in the full participation and support of the big event. Digital Madrid is essentially a virtual museum, with its state of the art digital layout giving viewers greater levels of interactivity and intimacy with each piece of art as well a more lavish and luxurious access to the entire showcase. It is equipped with a few new features that are set up to heighten the personal experience and further give fans and admirers something special to enjoy.

DM3 is a rock star exhibit, and the rock stars involved have been hand-picked for their flair, distinct perspective, and sharp, clear application of it to their respective creative works. Digital Madrid 3 is set to launch this Wednesday August 26th on DM.TheILSMag.com, be there for take-off.