Sage English’s sophomore EP, Light Cardio

by on September 2, 2015

The luxuries and hustles of life, analyzed through the medium of wavey, high-hat heavy beats and the occasional autotuned odyssey, are what Sage English has put together in his sophomoric effort, Light Cardio.

Sage English is a young, eclectic artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He took time off from music to focus on visual arts and directing, but he’s back into the art of bars with this 6-track EP about both the luxuries and hustles of life. An outlandish figure, Sage English functions through many aliases, including Young Wave – his apparent “trap alias”.

The project itself is engineered by Sage’s clear stance as what I call an Anti-Artist – basically, an artist whose own works revolve around the idea of being against the current ebb and flow of the industry rather than trying to ride the current. An example of this anti-artistry can be seen on the track XXNS. A hook that’s repeated throughout the song, “Xans make her dance” – while not seeming very important – is extremely relevant in the project because it takes a commonly-played hook from a commonly-played song and converts it into something of Sage’s own vision.

Light Cardio seems to draw images from both nostalgic (loud Caribbean DJ over every interlude) and currently-relevant (some sounds similar to projects like Days Before Rodeo) in hip-hop. And even if the external aspects of the project don’t appeal to somebody, the content within is certainly valuable enough to draw their attention.

You can listen to Light Cardio here.