Bellino Drive Residence Takes the Raised Ranch to New Heights

by on September 5, 2015

Though he originally hails all the way from Paducah, Kentucky. Interdisciplinary design firm Mayes Office‘s founder, Colby Mayes, understands the true essence of California living. Made evident in the architectural design of their latest contemporary project, the Bellino Drive Residence located in Pacific Palisades, is the perfect home for an oceanfront and mountain view.

In the designer’s description, Mayes writes “Architecture should always be in dialogue with its surroundings. The landscape of Pacific Palisades, and the ocean views it affords were foremost in the design of the Bellino Drive Residence.”

Maximizing enough space in terms of square footage is key to producing a home where high demand pricing and lack of land space is a regular issue.

Rather than adding a second floor, Mayes Office instead, due to height restrictions adds the ideal ground floor where the dreams of your perfect bachelor or bachelorette pad becomes reality.

Taking their own spin of the classic California raised ranch design, Mayes Office makes due with their surroundings and creates efficient space with an influx of natural lighting in this new home that could make even the Kardashian’s look humble.

To learn more about the Bellino Drive Residence by Mayes Office, head on over to the Contemporist today.

Bellino Drive ResidenceBellino Drive Residence