University of Hawaii Football Unveils new Retro Uniforms

by on September 14, 2015

The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors will don a new away uniform for their upcoming game against Ohio State, the defending champions, this Saturday. The uniform, crafted by Under Armour, is a salute to their old-school uniforms from the 1980s, which were discontinued at the dawn of the 21st century due to concern that it would be perceived as a Gay Pride item. Yeah, way to go, Society.

These all-white unis feature the classic “Rainbow” logo on the helmet, along with rainbow stripes on the shoulder pads and pants. Even the gloves – which are arguably the best design yet in this age of flashy football gloves – will feature the rainbow theme. This extensive use of the rainbow concept serves the uniforms well. The ongoing revival of retro, polychromatic concepts in the world of design and fashion is alive and well right now, and the appeal of this uniform shows that it’s even infiltrated the sports-world. After all, the concept was responsible for some of the most iconic logos in history.

Under Armour isn’t to blame for the worst uniforms in college football (That’s you, Adidas. Yikes.), but the vast majority of the most profitable programs are sponsored by Nike. However, this concept was a sure homerun, and it might help them pick up some momentum and grab a few sponsorships going forward – which they really need. After all, as awesome as this design is, U of Hawaii is currently rumored to be in danger of losing their football program due to funding issues.
When the Rainbow Warriors get annihilated by Ohio State this weekend, they’ll at least look pretty good.