Travis Scott Drops Video for “Antidote”

by on September 19, 2015

Antidote is the first video off of Rodeo. Although it definitely took longer than expected for some visuals to come out, we waited for quality. Travis Scott lives up to the impressive, colorful visuals of his past videos by making Antidote a montage of a late-night rager in (what looks like) the blocked-off area of a carnival. 

While Future and 2 Chainz are credited in the video, their only contribution is the few seconds of 3500 that plays as a snippet in the beginning. Regardless, the video is impressive with just the presence of Travis. He spends his time at the “night show” admiring the neon-painted women in cages, reading the bible, and then smoking joints from its pages. Although there is an aura of grittiness to the aesthetic of the video, Travis definitely doesn’t hesitate to flex. You’ll notice him sporting a clean Raf Simons parka throughout the video.