NEEDS&WANTS Fall/Winter 2015 Collection Now Available

by on October 11, 2015

Toronto-based menswear brand, NEEDS&WANTS Studios has rapidly transformed itself into more than just a clothing brand since its debut back in 2013. This metamorphosis has given N&W a more lifestyle approach to their following, as they explore different aesthetics through the fields of travel, nature and architecture.

The NEEDS&WANTS Fall/Winter 2015 collection breathes life into their new line of varsity jackets. Drawing inspiration from travels and culture, the new line of jackets implement a palette of colors and fabrics attached with a story. Featuring pieces made from an innovated blend of wool, nylon and satin, the collection favors minimalism with an essence of culture.

“There is an art to presenting minimalism without being empty, scarce, and uninviting. Our approach to design is concentrated and intentional, neither presenting too much nor eschewing most or all. It is this seemingly irreverent take on traditional sportswear that allows us to manipulate contemporary #menswear,”—NEEDS&WANTS Studios.

Like what you see? Then be sure to head on over to Needs&Wants official website to purchase your own piece of the collection today. Also be sure to follow Needs&Wants via Instagram @needsandwantspaper for more details on future releases. 

NEEDS&WANTS Fall/Winter 2015 NEEDS&WANTS Fall/Winter 2015 NEEDS&WANTS Fall/Winter 2015 NEEDS&WANTS Fall/Winter 2015