New York Sunshine Brings Their ‘High Tide’ Exhibit to Art Basel 2015

by on November 30, 2015

With the perfect balance of the New York streets and the Miami flare, New York Sunshine introduces a unique and forward-thinking exhibit and collection for Art Basel 2015. At one of the country’s biggest stages to showcase your brand to fellow designers, owner John Margaritis takes his love of basketball, and of the ocean, and blends them to create ‘High Tide.’ This idea was formed from a photograph of a basketball hoop in the ocean from Margaritas’ 2014 ‘Hoop Dreams’ series. In a fortunate turn of events, Margaritis has turned the Miami floorspace into an incredible exhibit which features a wavy wooden shelving display that holds 300 hand-dyed indigo t-shirts, starting from pure white, which transitions to lighter then darker shades of blue and indigo, similar to the ocean, for a mesmorizing display that makes you feel like you are standing on the Miami beaches. To make things even better, the outside of the store features a lifeguard chair/basketball hoop mashup to perfectly capture the New York Sunshine essence. Each t-shirt in the drop is numbered and sold, allowing you to be part of this historic collection. If you are in Miami for Art Basel make sure to drop by and check out one of the best exhibits you may see at 187 NW 27th Street, on the corner of NW 2nd Avenue, or grab one of the tees at www.newyorksunshine.com.


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