Supreme Sticks Close To Their Signature Aesthetic With The Spring/Summer 2016 Release

by on February 18, 2016

The time has come again where many of our favorite brands reach the point of unleashing their new looks for the next anticipated season. Supremes spring/summer collection is here and ready to be liberated, for it seems when they make a drop, its as if its the second coming. For the new look of the year, Supreme decides to make an emphasis on outerwear for the rest of the winter to hold us over until the weather warmers along with some lighter pieces to transition into the spring and summer. Testing out different patterns, we see the use of bright colors like the orange bomber with black dashes accompanied by an inner box plaid motif lining. The lime green windbreaker hints at the ownership of masculinity as the boundaries of wearing feminine colors are no more. For so long the sporting of bright colors as these has been frowned upon, but the seal has been broken as the brand even showcases a pastel pink denim jacket. Get out the dark of the winter and add some light to your wardrobe. Visit the boutique shop downtown to make a purchase or check the brands webshop to view their whole collection.

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