Soulection Radio Takes the Spotlight in Today’s Rapidly-Changing Music Broadcasting World

by on February 24, 2016

In today’s rapidly changing music world, bringing something unique and refreshing to the table is an important factor in differentiating your brand from others. For the music collective Soulection, this is certainly no problem. Originating from the sunny shores of California, the LA-based crew is comprised of programmers, producers, DJs, and other curators of music in its entirety. Soulection has made some leeway into media by bringing themselves up from the outlets of Soundcloud to now broadcasting their own live Beats 1 Radio Show. Ran through the co-founder Joe Kay, Soulection has been able to establish themselves internationally as a popular live show personnel while they’ve been able to hit over 100 countries and counting. After debuting on July 4th 2015 via Apple Music, the label gratifies themselves on changing the consumption of music through productions of their own sounds matching to the vibes of todays culture through recognizable tunes alongside radical genres of Indie to keep it irie. Tune in to Soulection Radio weekly: Saturday | 7-9pm Pacific on Apple Music.