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Election 2016: The Final Results of Decades of Perpetuated Rage

by Jack Squireson March 7, 2016
I haven’t been proud of myself for tuning in to watch each Republican Primary debate. Sensibility and civility are traits I’ve tried hard to instill into my being over the course of my life.

Travis Scott Drops Video for “Antidote”

by Jack Squireson September 19, 2015
Antidote is the first video off of Rodeo. Although it definitely took longer than expected for some visuals to come out, we waited for quality. Travis Scott lives up to the impressive, colorful visuals of his past videos by making Antidote a montage of a late-night rager in (what looks like) the blocked-off area of a carnival. 

Slime Season

Young Thug Drops “Slime Season”

by Jack Squireson September 16, 2015
Slime Season has finally been released after months of waiting, rumors, delays, and hype. Young Thug’s eleventh mixtape is a collaboration with one of hip-hop’s biggest names in producing, London On Da Track.

Young Thug Releases Video for “Best Friend”

by Jack Squireson September 16, 2015
I can’t remember the last time I witnessed a rapper have a better year than Young Thug is having right now in 2015.

Hawaii Retro Unis

University of Hawaii Football Unveils new Retro Uniforms

by Jack Squireson September 14, 2015
The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors will don a new away uniform for their upcoming game against Ohio State, the defending champions, this Saturday.

Energy, Violence, Immortality: Our Next Rockstar

by Jack Squireson September 5, 2015
There are two sides to every artist. The art itself, and the actual artist as an idea. A persona. This persona isn’t always immediately evident, it isn’t always extraordinary, and it’s rarely ever important.

Eearz ft. Young Thug

Eearz ft. Young Thug – “Work Ya Muscle”

by Jack Squireson September 4, 2015
The hyperbolic, high-pitched hook from Young Thug and the carnivorous, unrestrained delivery of Eearz form a juxtaposition of flows in the latest banger of the concluding days of the summer – which is Banger Season in hip-hop, by the way.
sage english

Sage English’s sophomore EP, Light Cardio

by Jack Squireson September 2, 2015
The luxuries and hustles of life, analyzed through the medium of wavey, high-hat heavy beats and the occasional autotuned odyssey, are what Sage English has put together in his sophomoric effort, Light Cardio.

ILS Best of the Week

ILS Staff: Best of the Week (8.10.15 – 8.16.15)

by Jack Squireson August 16, 2015
Here’s a breakdown of what’s been demanding repeats for us at ILS Music as of late, along with a playlist so you can jam along.
Mars Water - Here We Are

Friday Flashback (8/7/2015): Here We Are

by Jack Squireson August 7, 2015
Every once in a while, you hear a piece of music that makes you look at things differently – whether it’s an album, a song, or a new artist. While rare, they do come around every once in a while. The music that changes your life.

ILS Best of the Week

ILS Staff: Best of the Week (July 27th-August 2nd, 2015)

by Jack Squireson August 2, 2015
Here’s what’s been stuck in our heads over the week, along with a playlist you can vibe to.
Alien Lanes

Friday Flashback (7/31/2015): Alien Lanes

by Jack Squireson July 31, 2015
This week’s flashback brings us back to the spring of 1995, when Indie Rock was truly at its zenith. Following up the success of their album from the previous year (Bee Thousand), Guided by Voices served up a buzzy, lo-fi masterpiece with Alien Lanes.

ILS Best of the Week

ILS Staff: Best of the Week (July 20th-26th, 2015)

by Jack Squireson July 28, 2015
Here’s what’s been frequenting our playlists over the week.
ILS Best of the Week

ILS Staff: Best of the Week (July 13th-19th, 2015)

by Jack Squireson July 19, 2015
Here’s what the ILS Staff has had on repeat over the past week. Along with a playlist so you can vibe with us.

a lesson in crime

Friday Flashback (7/17/2015): A Lesson in Crime

by Jack Squireson July 17, 2015
The saddest thing about the world of music is that there’s always going to be more good music that you don’t know about than the stuff that you currently have on your playlist.
Freebandz with Bandz

Projects to Look out for (July 13th-19th, 2015)

by Jack Squireson July 13, 2015
This upcoming week is going to be a good one for music lovers. With a few big names in rap, and a few indie projects as well – there will be a variety of quality projects to look out for..