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Umbrella factory

Brian Miller Breaks Down His Process With ‘Umbrella Factory’

by Milca Pierreon October 20, 2015
Colorado native Brian Miller has perfected his ability to tell impeccable stories with his art, and has now been recruited by creative lab Naissance TV as he designs for their latest animated short, “The Umbrella Factory’. Tasked with creating the background for the mysterious creation, Miller surpasses his own talent to create a piece with […]

Tiina Tormanen Captures the Beauty of the “Early Morning”

by Milca Pierreon September 29, 2015
Always keen with nature’s portraits, Tiina Tormanen has released another project featuring the scenery that surrounds us. Spanning across 4 weeks during July and August of this year, her latest “Early Morning” includes shots of Finland’s forests at dawn. Specifically shot in Southern Lapland, each portrait varies in perspective giving refreshing takes of Finnish backwoods […]


Vault 49 Celebrates Serena Williams

by Milca Pierreon September 15, 2015
Design and branding firm Vault 49 has never failed to exude a dauntless attitude in every project that comes from their offices.

long sleeve cav empt

Cav Empt Doesn’t Hold Back With New Long Sleeve Tee

by Milca Pierreon September 6, 2015
Brash and unexpected, Japan-based brand Cav Empt has found a way of turning heads and creating a buzz.
facetasm coaches jacket

Keep Warm With Facetasm’s Latest Coaches Jacket

by Milca Pierreon September 6, 2015
Facetasm has managed to skillfully transcend most cultures within the realms of fashion since its conception in 2007.

black overalls

Black Overalls For The Fall Wardrobe

by Milca Pierreon August 31, 2015
Canadian line Overalls has founded their platform on the reinvention of classic overalls. A modern cut and flattering fit make it an undeniably suitable inclusion to the contemporary wardrobe.
full zip hoodie

Get Fall-Ready With Premium’s Full Zip Hoodie

by Milca Pierreon August 31, 2015
With Autumn quickly approaching, essentials line Premium has announced the release of their newest Full Zip Hoodie.

michael jackson

Jay-Z Honors Michael Jackson With Brief Instagram Stint

by Milca Pierreon August 30, 2015
It should come as no surprise that it would take the King of Pop himself to get Jay-Z to make an appearance on one of the largest social media platforms to date.
Kim Høltermand

Kim Høltermand Captures Minimalist Shots That Speak Volumes

by Milca Pierreon August 21, 2015
Inspired by the notion of solitude, photographer Kim Høltermand has developed an expansive portfolio surrounding the allure of isolation.

aaron campbell

Aaron Campbell Continues His ‘Gradients’ Series

by Milca Pierreon August 21, 2015
Graphic artist Aaron Campbell returns to gives us his fourth installment of his Clouds & Gradients series.

MACHINEAST Relives Childhood With Rainbow Paper Series

by Milca Pierreon August 18, 2015
Design duo MACHINEAST has developed a unique portfolio surrounding vivid and resonant pieces.


Get Fall-Ready With MadeMe’s Quilted Bomber

by Milca Pierreon August 17, 2015
First founded in 2007, MadeMe has established themselves as a brand that seems to be tailored for the modern-day misfit.
andersson wise

Andersson Wise Architects Design A Contemporary Cabin

by Milca Pierreon August 15, 2015
Founded in 2001, Andersson Wise Architects have always been fans of breaking the mold and creating spaces with a deeper purpose, and their latest creation is no different.

under the cherry moon

Pelvis Releases ‘Under The Cherry Moon’ Tee

by Milca Pierreon August 15, 2015
Australian DJ collective Pelvis has cemented themselves as one of Sydney’s leading producers of great art, music, apparel, and good times.
veiray zhang

Veiray Zhang Pays Homage to His Son With New Creation

by Milca Pierreon August 14, 2015
An eclectic talent, Veiray Zhang has always been responsible for developing illustrations full of vibrancy, sufficiently exhibiting his passion.