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Dead Dilly "LOSER" 18X24"

Dead Dilly’s “LOSER” 18×24” Available for Purchase

by Holden Powellon May 16, 2016
Creative designer Dilan Manahan, otherwise known by his pseudonym Dead Dilly, has built himself quite the repertoire over the past year. Having his work featured in Highsnobiety, Hypebeast as well as a featured artist for ILS‘ very own Digital Madrid, Manahan is one designer whose new-age visuals will leave you wanting more. Now available for purchase, […]
Raf Simons x Fred Perry ss16

Raf Simons x Fred Perry Collaboration Stays True to Both Brand’s Signature Styles

by Asif Henryon March 2, 2016
Legendary fashion houses Raf Simons and Fred Perry are both known collectively for their bold, simple, yet creative garments, and it was only right that the two were to join forces again for an exclusive collection. In this collaboration, the two conspire to work off the classic preppy looks of Fred Perry designs along with the […]


ILS Mag Introduces the Innovative Digital Madrid Art Series for a Fourth Edition

by Jarett Sommeron February 29, 2016
The fourth edition of ILS Mag’s innovative art series, Digital Madrid, is back and better than ever for 2016. As always, this platform features a long list of some of the best graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers working today, as well as some unknown, yet equally talented artists. Headlined by notable names such as Insighting, […]

Soulection Radio Takes the Spotlight in Today’s Rapidly-Changing Music Broadcasting World

by Asif Henryon February 24, 2016
In today’s rapidly changing music world, bringing something unique and refreshing to the table is an important factor in differentiating your brand from others. For the music collective Soulection, this is certainly no problem. Originating from the sunny shores of California, the LA-based crew is comprised of programmers, producers, DJs, and other curators of music in its entirety. Soulection […]


Supreme Sticks Close To Their Signature Aesthetic With The Spring/Summer 2016 Release

by Asif Henryon February 18, 2016
The time has come again where many of our favorite brands reach the point of unleashing their new looks for the next anticipated season. Supremes spring/summer collection is here and ready to be liberated, for it seems when they make a drop, its as if its the second coming. For the new look of the […]

Get Lost Downtown Savanna with London Summers

by Keegan Boissonon November 24, 2015
Soothing yet sharp, London Summers effortlessly lures us into Downtown Savanna on his debut single of the same name. In an age where upcoming musicians are dime-a-dozen and the internet is flooded with artists trying to be heard, it is rare to find someone produce this level of quality and control with their first release. He floats […]

MMM Artwork

Diddy Bop and Pop Champagne to MMM

by Keegan Boissonon November 6, 2015
  You ever came home from a long day of school and work and exhaustion so deep that you fantasize about laying on a floor wrapped in swaddling cloth for the rest of eternity but you can’t really do that but you still decide that you’ve had it up to here with society so you […]
Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.33.22 AM

The Xeros Residence from Blank Studios is the Perfect Bachelor Pad

by Jarett Sommeron November 3, 2015
The mind of an architect can be an incredibly interesting thing, and the latest project from Blank Studios proves that. They take the idea of a bachelor’s pad to the next level, literally, with this small housing unit that you will be dreaming of owning one day. Compromised of only two levels and a few […]

Justin Bieber is cold

I’ll Show You Justin Bieber Run Around and Swim Half-Naked

by Keegan Boissonon November 3, 2015
In some weird, twisted, turn of events that has just about everyone feeling like they’re existing in a parallel universe, Justin Bieber shows us that he can actually be… cool. At first, I was resisting this new and improved transformation, surely as a 20 year old male I couldn’t be caught grooving to The Biebs in public, […]

Uber and BMW Will Pick You Up in The New 7-Series for Free

by Jarett Sommeron October 27, 2015
It’s no secret just how big of an impact Uber has had on the taxi industry. This one of a kind service provides you with your own driver, who usually shows up in a nice, clean car, instead of a run-down yellow taxi. Although it may cost an extra few dollars, users don’t mind paying […]


Signature Nike Basketball Sneakers Get a Jordan Brand Twist

by Jarett Sommeron October 20, 2015
In his latest design series Patso Dimitrov takes today’s superstar NBA athletes and their sneakers and mashes them up with classic Air Jordan models. Lately, Nike’s signature sneakers from LeBron, Kobe, Melo, Durant, Kyrie, and Chris Paul have all gotten a mixed reaction from fans, but just how will they feel after they see those […]
Rihanna Album Artwork

Rihanna Album Artwork Confirms a Coming Storm

by Keegan Boissonon October 11, 2015
A couple nights ago I was startled out of my sick bed by a crack of rolling thunder that shook my house until it was punctuated by a sharp whip of lighting. It was the first time I had sat up in a couple days, curse the blasted mumps; was it the 1800s? I was having […]


NFL Uniforms Get Re-Imagined with NBA Teams on PVTSO’s Latest Art Piece

by Jarett Sommeron October 8, 2015
In the latest graphic design series where he collides two different worlds together, Patso Dimitrov gives us an idea of how NFL uniforms would look if they were made by NBA teams. Dimitrov doesn’t hold back, as he designs an impressive three jerseys for each NBA team for home and away games, and an alternate. […]

What A Time To Be Alive

Damn What A Time To Be Alive It Is

by Keegan Boissonon September 21, 2015
I came out of retirement to review this mixtape and now I’m furious. For many reasons, but I’ll get to that. First let me explain why it’s a great time to be alive and why you all need to stop doing the most.

Travis Scott Drops Video for “Antidote”

by Jack Squireson September 19, 2015
Antidote is the first video off of Rodeo. Although it definitely took longer than expected for some visuals to come out, we waited for quality. Travis Scott lives up to the impressive, colorful visuals of his past videos by making Antidote a montage of a late-night rager in (what looks like) the blocked-off area of a carnival.