Election 2016: The Final Results of Decades of Perpetuated Rage

by Jack Squireson March 7, 2016
I haven’t been proud of myself for tuning in to watch each Republican Primary debate. Sensibility and civility are traits I’ve tried hard to instill into my being over the course of my life.

Beyoncé Covers Flaunt Magazine and Shares her Way With Words

by Tatianaon September 10, 2015
Beyoncé hops off the Made In America stage and lands on the front page of Flaunt Magazine. 

Lazy Oaf Autumn Lookbook NVA

Lessons From Lazy Oaf Autumn Lookbook

by Keegan Boissonon August 4, 2015
One glance at the quality and delivery of the Lazy Oaf Autumn Lookbook and one can tell that there was a cohesive awareness in the direction of the project.
Surreal World Skulls

Antoni Tudisco Presents Surreal Worlds

by Keegan Boissonon June 19, 2015
In a non-stop assault of gaspingly awesome imagery, Antoni Tudisco presents Surreal World, a gallery of graphics that feature unique use of materials and lighting to display a brightly lit illustration of original worlds.

‘Counter Culture: The Curse of Online Status’ A Documentary by Hamish Stephenson

by Ramyaon December 26, 2014
A year in the making, “Counter Culture: The Curse of Online Status” is a documentary by UK director, Hamish Stephenson. It divulges into the very crux of millennial culture: social media politics. It’s begins with social media personality Mike The Ruler asking the mind-numbing question we’ve all asked ourselves “Why does your phone die ever time?” […]

Woosah Wednesdays With OVOXO Yoga

by Ramyaon October 20, 2014
When Fader posted that there was OVOXO Yoga (OVYOGA) at Y7, a Williamsburg yoga studio, my attendance was imperative. The idea of it all sounds fluffy and cliche, but it’s about as soft as Drake’s “Take Care” album––overlaying vigor with mediated undertones. But this class wasn’t about Drake or OVO at all: it was more about temporality […]


Fall 2014 Editorial featuring ELVNTH HR and Démodé

by Tyler Kennedyon October 15, 2014
Fall remains as the last flicker of warmth and color that nature provides before the cold, grey winter recaptures its prominence. Cool winds tied with flashes of sunlight make Autumn one of the most enchanting times of year as well as one of the best to dress during. Trends come and go within fashion, but […]

The Price Of Quality: Nike & Jordan Price Increases Are On The Horizon

by Jarett Sommeron June 27, 2014
If you were not aware of it already, the big news for 2015 is that Jordan Brand has laid out plans to release their “remastered” Retro Jordan line, which includes a higher retail price on each shoe. This decision is sure to stir some controversy throughout the sneaker world, which is at an all-time high […]

Austin Millz

SoundCloud Searching: 5 Mixes/Remixes You Need To Hear

by Ramyaon June 25, 2014
Since YouTube has started nixing some of the best independent music has to offer, SoundCloud (among other streaming sites) has continued to be a thriving platform for some of the best music that has ever been released. Scouring the SoundCloud abyss, ILS found some mixes that are worth a listen.

“Cruel Winter” ft. Bad Bunch & Covert Genius

by Tyler Kennedyon February 19, 2014
ILS Magazine presents the “Cruel Winter” streetorial (street editorial) featuring items by brands Bad Bunch NYC and Covert Genius.


Heaven + Hell Editorial

by Tyler Kennedyon February 5, 2014
Rising from the gloom of the concrete jungle’s suburbs, the surrealism of street style spreads color on a grey canvas.