Mame Adjei: A Star In The Making

by Marvin Williamson October 9, 2015
Life has been nothing but a rollercoaster for Ghanian-American Mame Adjei in the past year. In just under 12 months, Mame has been crowned Miss Maryland 2015, managed to be top 5 in the Miss USA 2015 competition and is currently a finalist on the hit CW series America’s Next Top Model.
Lost in Transmission

Interview: DaRaun Crawford, The Mysterious Creative

by Keegan Boissonon September 18, 2015
It’s been a long day, as usual for me around this time of year.

Moment Homme Suede Trench

Johnathan Taylor Presents Moment Homme

by Keegan Boissonon July 22, 2015
Walking into the Liberty Fairs and Project Cobalt produced event New York Men’s Day held at Pier 94 I didn’t know exactly what to expect.
Spencer charles

Photographer Spencer Charles Talks Growing Up In Newark, Creative Process, & Miya Bailey

by Milca Pierreon July 21, 2015
Nowadays, it isn’t hard  to find someone who owns a camera attempting to pass themselves off as the next big thing behind a lens.

The Righteous and the Wicked

Interview: Jack Squires The Writer

by Keegan Boissonon July 7, 2015
On the way back from a busy day in the city I found myself thinking a lot about the last 6 months and all the incredible things that have happened to the culture in terms of art and music and people putting their talents and voices together for a similar purpose.
Herrick & Hooley

Interview: Herrick & Hooley Talks Their Origins, ‘Famous Honey’, Tyler, the Creator and More

by Milca Pierreon June 24, 2015
If you were tasked to describe Herrick & Hooley, you’d have a hard time doing so. The eccentric trio has certainly proven their appeal with the release of their latest project. A consistent vibe and unapologetic style make for a much appreciated sound that doesn’t come around very often.

Spencer D. Lee ILS Interview

Interview: Spencer Lee Talks Brand, Music, Kanye West & More

by Kadeem Fletcheron June 10, 2015
Since its conception, ILS has always prided itself on not only supporting the individuals we believe but also connecting with them.

‘Counter Culture: The Curse of Online Status’ A Documentary by Hamish Stephenson

by Ramyaon December 26, 2014
A year in the making, “Counter Culture: The Curse of Online Status” is a documentary by UK director, Hamish Stephenson. It divulges into the very crux of millennial culture: social media politics. It’s begins with social media personality Mike The Ruler asking the mind-numbing question we’ve all asked ourselves “Why does your phone die ever time?” […]


Dead Dilly Talks #SneakerMelt, Accomplishments, Graphic Art & More

by Kadeem Fletcheron December 23, 2014
  For many, Dead Dilly is the mysterious being behind some of the most memorable and influential graphic art creations in 2014. Whether he’s working on personal projects, or being commissioned by Complex and other prestigious online publications, Dilly somehow produces inspiring art every time. His versatility has been on full display this entire year and […]

Jeff Staple Talks PacSun Expansion, Future of Reed Space and More

by Jarett Sommeron November 24, 2014
The recent undertaking of New York’s own Jeff Staple is something that he has been plotting on for quite a while now. If you are unaware, Jeff Staple is the owner of the famed Lower East Side street wear store Reed Space, which has become a fashion mainstay over a decade now.


Interview: Luka Sabbat Talks Vogue, Style, Modeling & More

by Kadeem Fletcheron October 29, 2014
Luka Sabbat may be of few words, but the young man has quickly become a household name amongst streetwear circles through his appearances in Alife and Wil Fry lookbooks, and even editorials in Vogue. Sabbat is a quintessential representative of fashion and popular culture’s incoming generation and is extending his influence by impacting the Internet’s unbarred potential to connect with […]

INTERVIEW: Reginae Carter Talks Being A Young Adult and Creating Music For Kids Her Own Age

by Ramyaon September 3, 2014
Reginae Carter has exponentially graduated since her days in the OMG Girlz. She’s surpassing her tween years, taking a stab at being a solo recording artist and following under her father’s rugged terrain of becoming hip-hip royalty. The Carter name bears prestigious baggage, but it’s insurance for the rising teen star who plans to start […]


INTERVIEW: Producer Shash’U Talks Signing To Fool’s Gold, Breakdancing Culture And More

by Ramyaon August 11, 2014
Shash’U is a 30 year old producer and DJ whose Montreal-French accent is faint, yet inviting for a good story-telling. He grew up in the Uptown Records era, attributing to the nostalgic feeling in his production that he “re-conditions to today’s aesthetic.” He was 17 when he first began producing; but he soon found himself in […]

Interview: Mike Cherman of ICNY Talks Early Experiences, 3M Material, and More

by Tyler Kennedyon July 28, 2014
The recent widespread use of 3M reflective material in fashion has been a long time coming, but can be attributed to the impact of ICNY‘s reflective sock. Mike Cherman has seen the success of his brand skyrocket in the past year, but the young and humble founder of ICNY has been working at his craft for […]


A Track-by-Track Conversation With Kevin Abstract About MTV1987

by Kadeem Fletcheron July 16, 2014
Yesterday Kevin Abstract, with the help of Alivesinceforever and the duo [PerfectWorm], released his debut album MTV1987. With his fan base craving the project after an innovative promotion campaign, a small tour, and the release of ‘Drugs‘ music video, it was finally time for listeners to thoroughly enjoy MTV1987. Though Kevin just turned 18 today, the […]

Interview: John Geiger Talks Relationship With Revis, Innovating Career Paths & More

by Kadeem Fletcheron July 14, 2014
This culture has more than its fair share of influencers, and amongst that group’s upper echelon is a man by the name of John Geiger. While he is the best friend and manager of Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis, John’s loyalty, hard work, and ability to adapt has placed him in the enviable position that he is in today. Though his […]